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Item No: 0216267
Unique active gel ALL wheel formula and iron remover pH balanced (acid free) so safe on all factory finished wheels The wheel cleaner dissolves brake dust, turning it purple as it removes the iron in the process For best results, apply to your wheels when they are dry, leave for 4-5 minutes before washing the wheels thoroughly Safe on ALL factory wheels Tough on road grime and dirt but not your wheels
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Our strongest, yet safest wheel cleaner ever for any wheel finish or type ! Changes colour as it cleans! Turns brake dust purple and road grime brown. Use on dry wheels. Quickly dissolves heavy break dust thanks to ferrous oxide activated chemistry . Tough on road grime and dirt. Ph balanced-safe on all wheels. Acid free formula will not harm polished or uncoated aluminum wheels or painted brake components. Active gel formula clings to wheels and stays wetter longer for better cleaning action than a traditional cleaner. Advanced chemistry blends road grime attacking surfactants with active brake dust dissolving agents that loosen stubborn contaminants allowing for little to no agitation. DO NOT PRE-RINSE WHEELS. SPRAY ON DRY WHEELS. Use on cool wheels and brakes in the shade. Spray a generous amount, covering the entire wheel. Let the product dwell for 2-4 minutes. Do not let the product dry on the surface. Spray off with a powerful stream of water or with a pressure washer. Thoroughly dry wheels to prevent water spotting. NOTE: Agitation with a gentle brush may be required for heavily soiled or neglected wheels.
Brand Meguiars
Barcode 70382013400
SupplierItemNumber G180124EU
Category Cleaning Supplies
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Automotive Type Tires & Wheels