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Item No: 0249524
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Ready to use Coolant/Antifreeze fluid for closed circuit cooling systems. Protects against overheating (+ 145°C), freezing (-36°C),  against  corrosion,  scaling and foaming. Not recommend for mixing with other antifreezers.
∙ Contains a fluorescent leak detection dye
∙ Based on Organic Acid Technology (OAT)
∙ Complies with standards  UNE 26.361.88
ASTM D 3306
ASTM  D  4985 
VW TL 774C (G11) BMW N60069.0 MB 325.0
MAN 324 Ty NF SAAB 6901599
VOLVO CAR 1286083 Issue 002
MTU MTL 5048
OPEL B 040 0240
Smart (MB) 
Mini (BMW)
Brand Autocare
Barcode 5291383009529
SupplierItemNumber 320073
Category Oils, Fluids & Maintenance
Capacity 5L
Color Fluorescent Green
On Offer No
Automotive Type Antifreeze