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Item No: 0249253
Compatible: Ideal for smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 and operating system IOS 8.0/Android 4.3 or later. The free "Okok" APP is easy to use and can be downloaded from the "APP STORE" or "Google Play.
Analyzed 8 key body the Bioelek Electric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology used for data: XXX body analysis scales for monitoring the 8 important physical data: Weight plus body fat%, body water%, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI, BMR.Please note that this is measuring method not suitable for children.
Progress With Friends and families together or parts: with the app, you can create up to 8 account for relatives or friends the progress, and news convenient placement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype etc. The measured data in the Okok app can be with Fitbit app, Apple Health & Google fit sync.
Important Note: Before of the measurement can be please order shoes and socks. You take your scales with only bare feet. Your feet are all 4 electrodes Berühren. These scales are must be put on a hard and flat base. Carpets or other soft documents can compromise the measuring accuracy. Please note that the result is for children and pregnant women crude. This level is not suitable for professional athletes.
'Technical Details: with 4 electrode pads and "G – Sensitive sensors provides the body fat scale Hochgenaue and reliable body analysis measurements. Measuring range: 5kg/11lb load 180kg/396lbs.And we provide 1 year warranty service and professional customer service and technical support.
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Barcode 8719987103896
SupplierItemNumber YM3-000055
Category Bathroom Scales
Type Smart Scales
Max Weight Loaded 180kg
Dimensions 30x30cm
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