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Item No: 0241171
The instant shower boiler heats the water directly, without the need for a water storage enclosure. It passes directly through a hose to the unit, when the valve is open, being heated by a heater.
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You will not need to wait until a water tank is full. Water will be constantly supplied and available. Along with the appliance, the accessories are also delivered. Depending on the cold water temperature and the heating stage used, an instant boiler can heat water by up to 40 ° C at a flow rate of 1.5 liters / minute. For efficient energy optimization and increasing the life of the boiler, it is recommended to install and proper maintenance of the boiler. Consideration of the available instruction manual. The technical characteristics recommend it for any type of home, bringing with its installation the comfort and independence from a possible domestic hot water supplier. In the long run, the installation of such a boiler will considerably reduce the costs related to the use of domestic hot water. The package contains:

supply voltage: 230 V
maximum power: 5000 W
selectable working steps: 2000 W, 3000 W, 2000 W + 3000 W
maximum heated water temperature: 64 ° C
heating elements: electric heaters, in copper sheath and sintered insulation
heating resistors power: 2 kW first stage / 3 kW second stage
the working mode of the heating resistors: in economic regime (separately 2 kW or 3 kW) / in maximum regime (simultaneously 5 kW); the operation of each resistor is brightly signaled with the LED built into the corresponding control button
maximum heated water temperature: 60 ° C overheating: 40 ° C at a flow rate of 1.5 liters / min. (maximum power regime 5 kW)
minimum water pressure at the inlet to the device: 0.04 MPa (0.4 bar = 4 meters water column)
heated water flow: adjustable from the supply tap, depending on the desired inlet and outlet water temperature, respectively the selected heating stage
degree of protection: IP 54
electric shock protection: class I (all active electrical components are isolated from the water heating circuit and from the manual controls of the appliance; it is provided with a protective conductor)
moisture protection: IP X4 (against water splashes)
functional protection: at overtemperature and accidental decrease of the water supply flow, (thermolimiter and pressure switch with double contact)
sanitary protection: the water heating circuit is made of sanitary approved components (they are not corrodible and do not contain toxic components).
Brand Geyser
Barcode 5944007000012
SupplierItemNumber KAR-005169
Category Electric Heaters
Power 5000W
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