Black & Decker
Item No: 0211443
BD 205 (pump unit 210 l/min) 50 - Tank capacity 50 L The Black & Decker BD 205/50 air compressor was designed for many different applications. Perfect for DIY applications and home use. Equipped with a 2 HP electric motor. Compressed air suction capacity: 210 litres per minute. Maximum air pressure: 8 bar. Featuring a large compressed air storage tank. Tank capacity: 50 litres. It only weighs 32 kg and it is easy to move thanks to its heavy-duty wheels and uPOWERPLUSer handle.
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Designed for many different tasks, such as: Blowing Inflating Airbrush painting Nailing - Stapling Spraying Painting Professional painting Screw fastening
Brand Black & Decker
Barcode 8016738763232
Weight 32,7 Kg
Capacity 50 L
Operating Pressure Max 8
Lubricated yes
Empty Speed RPM 2850 rpm
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