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•The new nutrient fertilizer Florian Green Fertilizer,combines all nutrients fertilizer for growth and flowering plants. •Absorbed directly of the root systems and reinforces growth of new shoots, foliage and fruit. *INSTRACTIONS OF USE: •Fill a big spoon and pour the fertilizer around the root of the plant. •Then, water your plant a bit. •In order to have strong plants, be sure to lubricate them approximately every ten days, all over the year, except for the days with extreme temperatures. **DOSAGE: •A spoon full of great is 1 dose. •Small pots 1dose. •Medium pots 2 doses. •Large pots 4 doses. •Ratio of one dose for each10 liters of soil. •Follow the instructions of use and the suggested dosage. •Keep the content away from children. •Keep the product between 5-35°C.
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