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It is very important to start the day with a great mood. And we achieve this by waking up in a fantastic bed.
Double bed made of melamine of excellent quality and construction in white color. The bed has 2 drawers at its base. The package also includes the mattress support boards.

Bed dimensions: 159x206x92,5Y cm.
Mattress dimension: 150x200 cm.

1) The bed is available in a pre-assembled package with detailed assembly instructions.
2)Does not behave the mattress

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What cannot be done in bed need not be done at all," said the American comedian and author Groucho Marx, while scientists add that we spend a third of our lives in bed, so where we sleep matters a lot. It is very important to start the day in a great mood. And we achieve this by waking up in an imaginary bed.
This bed in dimensions for a double mattress 150x200 cm, is an excellent quality, classic and safe choice that will suit any bedroom.Its characteristic is that it steps directly on the floor and takes advantage of the space under the slatted boards with 2 easy-to-use drawers that come out from the side of the "footboard" (the surface opposite the headboard). All corners are square without any curves, while the sonoma coloring (light birch) is pleasant and neutral, and can be combined with a variety of decorative patterns in your space.

External Dimensions: 159x206x30 92.5H cm.
Melamine thickness: 1.6 cm

The bed is entirely made of melamine. Melamine is a type of wood in chipboard form. Chipboards are products that have the form of a plate and come from the welding through pressing of small pieces of wood (usually fir, beech, spruce, etc.) with the help of various resinous liquids. The chipboard is then coated, usually with synthetic materials such as paper sheets (melamines). As a material it is very durable and with great hardness. Well, it is a synthetic material with a very hard surface, making it very resistant to scratches, abrasion and stains.

The melamine which is the construction material is very easy to clean from stains thanks to its hard surface. You can wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth and this is enough to make your bed look like new again. For stubborn stains you can use a mild cleaner.

This bed is a solid and beautiful construction. The color is pleasant and impressive to the eye, while the bed steps directly on the floor, giving it a modern look. The drawers it has under the bed frame are very useful and will save your hands, especially in rooms with limited space. Another advantage is that this particular bed is available together with the boards. All you have to do is find the right furniture or decorations, such as bedside tables or a nice wall-art, to frame this beautiful bed.

1) The bed is available in an unassembled package with detailed assembly instructions.
2) The price does not include the mattress

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