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Item No: 0240637
The Low Cost 3-door 3-drawer wardrobe is a large-capacity wardrobe, in a contemporary or Nordic style, depending on the model you choose. It includes 2 differentiated modules that will allow you to store everything you need in a very organized way. The large module has 2 doors and includes a pull-out aluminum coat rack and a mezzanine inside, leaving the floor free so you can store storage boxes or shoe boxes. The small module (side) is narrower and is made up of an upper module closed with a door with 2 height-adjustable shelves inside, and a lower module with 3 non-removable drawers with metal sliding guides. All doors have heavy-duty metal hinges; both the doors and the drawers have aluminum handles with different finishes depending on the model (5 handles in total); and the shelves also have metal supports for a better fit. It is a robust wardrobe, whose coat rack supports up to 8 kg in weight and each drawer or shelf up to 5 kg, and which includes an anti-noise and anti-scratch ABS back and studs hidden under the furniture, which will prevent you from scratching the floor if you move the site locker. The Low Cost 3-door 3-drawer wardrobe is hygienic and safe, since it is made of melamine, a non-porous synthetic material that prevents the formation and development of germs, and is also very easy to clean with a simple damp cloth. This piece of furniture is part of the Low Cost range, with which you can decorate your home at a price that is hard to believe. Requires assembly (includes instructions and all necessary parts) and is subject to 100% satisfaction after-sales service: we replace any part that arrives broken or lost for free. Main characteristics of the Low Cost 3-door 3-drawer wardrobe: Generous-sized wardrobe with 3 doors and 3 non-removable drawers The large module includes a pull-out coat rack, loft and free floor The small module includes height-adjustable shelves and 3 drawers Quality finishes: handles in aluminum (5 in total), metal hinges and sliding guides Take care of your floor: anti-noise and anti-scratch ABS studs hidden under the cabinet Includes back panel Very hygienic and easy to clean: its manufacturing materials prevent the development of germs Maximum weight supported by the coat rack: 8 kg
In stock
Brand Forés Habitat
Barcode 8423490263977
SupplierItemNumber LCX3230
Weight 82Kg
Category Bedroom Wardrobes
Max Weight Loaded 5kg
Material Melamine particles board
Color White
Dimensions 1.80x1.21x0.52cm
Original Price 0
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