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Eliminating the need to sit on your suitcase and battle with zips as you try to stuff everything in, it’s an ingenious idea that helps to save space by up to 80% over regular packing. Taking advantage of Addis’ 'Patented Secure Static Seal' technology, each 40 x 55 cm bag is easy to compress by hand-rolling or with a vacuum cleaner using the built-in quality compression valves. Just place your clothes inside, seal and compress, then put everything neatly in your case.
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•Addis Seal & Store Travel Vacuum Bag (Set of 2)

•Dimensions: 40x55cm

•This is the best vacuum storage bag you will ever use.

•Our seal & store vacuum bags feature a unique patented seal technology which is 100% airtight.

•Made specifically for travel - can be compressed by hand & rolled to optimise packing space.

•Compresses stored items by 80%.

•Colour: clear

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Size 40x55cm
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