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Are you looking for the high quality construction combined with the ergonomics and practicality for your home? If so, then the Sante shoe rack is what you need. Designed with finesse so that it can "stand" anywhere, it offers large storage and organization spaces (which are not visible at first glance), as well as an easy-to-use drawer at the top. Sante shoe rack and put an end to the mess of discarded shoes. 
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Technical characteristics: 
* Frame made of chipboard with high quality paper laminate wood, with resistance to stress, wear and time. Available in wenge color.
* It has two doors made of reinforced MDF wood, perforated design to breathe the space, in the same color.  
* The closed cupboard includes 4 shelves, while the sliding drawer at the top can look very easy to use in the reception area of ​​the house.
* The detail of the metallic color on the knobs takes off the final aesthetic result.
* Combines harmoniously with other products in the same series. 
Product dimension:
Length: 80cm
Depth: 37cm
Height: 123cm
Thickness: 18mm
Capacity: 20 pairs 
The product is delivered assembled, in factory packaging and with a detailed assembly guide.
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Thickness 18mm
Height 123cm
Depth 37cm
Length 80cm
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