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Enhance the beauty of your garden with Decorative Bark. Discover its versatile applications, learn effective usage techniques, and explore the positive impact it can bring to your garden. Uncover the secrets to transforming your outdoor space into a stunning and well-maintained haven.

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Decorative bark serves various benefits for your entire garden. Primarily used to cover bare soil in flower beds and borders, creating naturalistic pathways, it provides a clean visual background that accentuates your plants and flowers.

Available in different colors, sizes, and types of bark, it is also excellent for use in children's play areas, offering a softer landing and protecting the garden from wear and tear. Easily transferable to flower beds or for creating paths, decorative bark enhances the overall aesthetics of your garden.

The optimal time for applying decorative bark, such as Levington Water Saving Decorative Bark, is when the soil is thoroughly moist, typically in late winter or early spring. However, it can be applied at any time of the year as long as the soil is moist.

The benefits of decorative bark extend beyond aesthetics:

  1. Helps Soil Retain Moisture: Softens the impact of rainwater, allowing effective permeation of water into the soil, reducing evaporation, and gradually improving soil structure.

  2. Suppresses Weed Growth: Creates a physical barrier, depriving weeds of sunlight and preventing weed seeds from reaching the soil beneath.

  3. Protects Plant Roots: Insulates the soil, regulates temperature, and shields plant roots from extreme weather conditions.

  4. Improves Soil Fertility: Releases nutrients and organic matter as it decomposes, contributing to soil improvement and fertility.

To use decorative bark, open the bag with scissors, apply a minimum 5cm thick layer using a rake for even spreading, and avoid piling it onto plant stems. This simple process offers long-term benefits for your garden.

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