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STIHL 07825168602 CARE & CLEAN KIT NO4

Item No: 0243721
Cleaning and care for STIHL lawn trimmers, brushcutters and brush cutters Varioclean special cleaner for tools made of die-cast steel and magnesium Advantage package with STIHL Multispray, Superlub FS and Varioclean Multispray for loosening dirt and as protection against corrosion High quality Superlub FS gear grease with very good lubricating properties For private users and professionals
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With the STIHL Care & Clean Kit FS, you can clean and maintain your STIHL lawn trimmers, brushcutters and brush cutters quickly and easily. This gives your brushcutters a long service life . In the STIHL Care & Clean Kit FS you have the right cleaning and care products in one package. This enables you to remove contamination from your devices and preserve them for storage . You should also lubricate the gearbox regularly to minimize wear and tear . We recommend wearing work gloves or protective gloves for cleaning and maintaining your brushcutter or grass trimmer. Are you impressed by our STIHL brushcutters and grass trimmers and would like to clean and maintain them appropriately and save money at the same time? Then use our advantage package for cleaning and maintaining brushcutters and brushcutters. These include: 500 ml Varioclean: The special cleaner dissolves organic dirt as soon as it is sprayed onto saw chains, rails, knives and machine housings . The biodegradable surfactants dissolve resin, oils or grass stains and can simply be washed off with water . 400 ml STIHL Multispray: The transparent, odorless multispray has a double effect. As a multifunctional oil, it impresses with its good lubrication . It also loosens stuck dirt and stuck particles . It also leaves a non-hardening protective film. 80 g Superlub FS: The high-performance gear grease STIHL Superlub FS is ideal for the high-speed gear of a STIHL brushcutter. It also remains in open gear parts due to its excellent adhesive properties and thus ensures little wear .
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