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Item No: 0219483
The main advantages of the Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 Benzokosa are: •All-metal crankcase construction. Starters, clutch cover made of aluminum •Professional-grade vibration isolation reduces stress on the operator’s hands. Provides comfortable operator work, thanks to the isolation of the handle from the engine and rubber shock absorbers. Vibration minimized •Two-stroke engine - Reliable internal combustion engine with high torque even at low revs •Aluminum Rod - Reduces product weight. Bronze plain bearings are installed inside the rod, preventing the gear drive shaft from vibrating. The bar is not subject to rust •Forged steel shaft - Allows you to use the scythe not only for mowing ordinary grass, but also when installing a knife on it, mow hard grass, weed •Forged steel crankshaft, nickel-plated cylinder - Provides a long service life. With regular maintenance and observing the operating instructions, up to two piston replacements can withstand •Knife and fishing line included - Each scythe comes with a three-blade knife for mowing hard shoots, burdocks and reeds •Laser notches on the piston and on the cylinder walls prevent oil dripping, improve performance and extend the life of the cylinder-piston group •Centrifugal clutch - Provides engine protection for short-term blocking of rotation of the cutting body •Primer - Fuel pumping system. Creates a stable, cold start to the gas trimmer after refueling or after long periods of inactivity
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•Engine power (hp) - 1.0 hp •Diameter of fishing line - 2.4 mm •Diameter of rod - 26 mm •Engine model - EMAK Engine •Type - Petrol 2-stroke •Weight - 6.2 kg •Application - Universal •Cutting Equipment - Trimmer nozzle + knife •Shaft - Hard •Fuel tank volume - 0.75 L •Number of piston rings - One •Clutch - Coupling •Fuel - AI-92 gasoline with oil for two-stroke engines •Disk diameter - 230 mm •Shaft type - Direct / non-separable •Rod material - Aluminum •Cylinder volume - 25.4 cm³ •Handle - In the form of a steering wheel
Brand Oleo Mac
Barcode 8026619004873
SupplierItemNumber SPARTA25T
Weight 6.2Kg
Category Brush Trimmers
Type Cordless
Power 745W
Power Source Petrol
Tank Capacity 0.75Ltr
Discount Percentage -35%
On Offer Yes