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Item No: 0246101

 This trimmer fence works with a 3000 mAh battery

"One Fit All" with one battery for infinite possibilities. A 1500 mAh or 3000 mAh battery, suitable for all Poweb power tools and garden tools

The compact One Fit All tools offer you maximum freedom of movement and are easy to use. You also save money, because you do not have to buy a new battery per device. The battery is suitable for power tools such as drills, cordless screwdrivers, circular saw blades or angle grinder

Powerplus "One Fits All" batteries fit any POWEB gray line device from Powerplus to charge your batteries with the charger

Cutting width 410 mm - One Fit All product line - Slide On battery connection - Battery type: Li-Ion 18 V (not included) - Soft handle - Adjustable nipple handle - Double blade - Blade length 480 mm - Distance between blades 14 5 mm - sound power level (LWA) 92 dB - supplied with protection. blade case

In stock
These One Fits All hedge trimmers are ideal for small pruning jobs. The 18V trimmer is very comfortable to hold and very flexible to use.
Save money with One Fits All!
A battery and a charger that you can use for all your DIY and garden power tools.
Ready in 1-2-3
The One Fits All tools are sold without battery and charger, which can be purchased separately. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of One Fits All, follow these steps.
1. Buy the battery: you can choose from an 18V battery of 1.5Ah and 3Ah.
2. Buy the charger: you can quickly charge the battery with the One Fits All charger.
3. Buy your tools: start with One Fits All.
18V 1.5Ah or 3Ah battery?
Both batteries are suitable for the entire One Fits All series, but the 3Ah 18V battery has a longer operating time.
Knowing more?
See the One Fits All page for more information.
What is the trimmer fence suitable for?
This One Fits All wireless fence trimmer helps you shape fences or shrubs. It is ideal for small pruning jobs. Thanks to the 51 cm blade length, you can easily cut medium-sized hedges, where you can easily cut branches up to 18 mm thick with double-sided blades.
The advantages of scissors:
Can to be used anywhere thanks to the powerful battery. With this device you enjoy complete freedom of movement at home or elsewhere.
The hedge trimmer belongs to the "All Fits One" battery platform, where you can use the same battery for a whole range of do-it-yourself tools.
The double-sided cutting blades of the 56 cm long cutting blade smoothly cut branches up to 18 mm.
With both handles you always have good grip on the fence shears when pruning. Thanks to the protective cover, nothing can go wrong with your hands while pruning.
If there is a danger, the mechanical blade brake stops the blade immediately.
What are the technical characteristics?
• Voltage: 18 V
• Blade length: 510 mm
• Cutting length: 110 mm
• Speed ​​(without load): 1200 min-1
• Cutting capacity: 14.5 mm
• Battery: 18V Li-ion (not included)
What does the package include?
• 1 x clipper fence
• 1 x blade guard
• 1 x manual