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Item No: 0246104
This electric cultivator from Powerplus X gets the soil in your garden ready for planting. The 1500W garden tool is a perfect fit for smaller gardens. It is equipped with six knives and has a working width of 450mm, ideal for preparing your garden beds. The cultivator can be used to remove weeds or to mix fertiliser or compost into the soil. This way, your garden is ready for the season without you having to get your hands dirty. The soft grip and sturdy wheels enable you to work comfortably.
Clean the air vents after each use to prolong the lifetime of your cultivator. It is recommended to use the POWXG72010 with an extra-long extension cord (not included), so that you are able to reach even the farthest corners of your garden.
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The POWXG72010 is an extremely powerful controller with a power of not less than 1500 W. It effortlessly relaxes the soil in your garden with its 409 revolutions per minute. Thanks to the large working width of 45 cm, you can also work on larger surfaces, so that the work progresses well.
What is this electric controller suitable for?
This powerful electric cutter is ideal for preparing your garden for sowing and planting in no time. The cultivator is suitable for loosening the soil to a depth of 220 mm.
The advantages of the Powerplus POWXG72010 garden cutter:
Thanks to the large working width of 45 cm, the work is done faster.
Self-propelled support wheels provide you with extra stability at work and ensure that you move forward effortlessly.
Easy handling and control device with ergonomic bicycle handle.
You can fold the handle to save space on the router.
The main technical specifications:
Power: 1500W
Speed: 409min-1
Working width: 450mm
Cable length: 35 cm
Milling depth: 220 mm
Number of knives: 6
Average: 1.5 mm
What does the package contain?
1 garden cutter
1 two-piece push handle
2 cable clips
4 star nuts
4 screws
2 transfer
2 handmade
1 manual