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Item No: 0087009
Deter birds effectively with our Filomat Bird Deterrent! This 50cm solution features a plastic base and 30 stainless steel spikes. Flexible, harmless, and ideal for preventing nesting and droppings on windows, walls, terraces, and more!
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Filomat bird deterrent 50cm with plastic base and 30 stainless steel spikes.

It is flexible and effective for keeping birds from landing on your house to nest or produce droppings.
It is harmless as it does not harm the birds, only repels them.
Needles in the horizontal and vertical directions, which can better cover the entire 360° range.
It can be applied or installed in any area, very suitable for window sills, walls, balustrades, awnings, and terraces, roof edges, air conditioning units or any areas contaminated by birds droppings and nest.

Brand Filomat
Barcode 8010361209129
SupplierItemNumber F-DISS103
Category Bird Repellent
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