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Item No: 0223120

KRAMB AL contains Rapeseed Oil. It is an insecticide - contact insecticide, with a mechanical mode of action against larvae and thriving insects and mites. The active ingredient Rapeseed oil covers the pores of the body with an oxygen-impermeable membrane.Thus it prevents the uptake of oxygen and moisture by the holes (spiracles) and causes suffocation in the insects-mites. KRAMB AL is a ready-to-use plant protection product that can be sold to amateurs. It is applied without dissolution by spraying foliage, with the first symptoms of infestation and the appearance of targeted insects and mites. Due to its mode of action, careful directed spraying is required for good and uniform wetting of the leaves (upper and lower surface) and consequently of the target enemies. Target enemies: Aphids, blackflies, granules, pear fleas, apple fleas, plum aphids, pseudococci, mealy, cabbage aphids, thrips, etc.

Contact insecticide - acaricide with mechanical action. It contains rapeseed oil.
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Category Insecticides
Capacity 750ml
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