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Item No: 0197574
Composition: 100% concentrated wine and fruit vinegar.
The vinegar used for cooking typically contains 3-5% acetic acid, while the CONCENTRATED ACETIC ACID reaches up to 5 times higher percentage. By spraying the weeds with this product, the plant cells of their leaves lose their moisture and dry out. The results are visible in 1-2 days. Care should be taken during application so that the product does not come into contact with plants that you do not want to dry. In case the weeds sprout again, repeat the spraying when the weeds are small for as many times as needed.
Dosage: Use the product insoluble. Shake well before use. For every 1 m2 you need about 100ml of product
When in contact with the plants (eg. flowers, weeds, etc.) exerts a caustic action.
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Brand Flortis
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Category Insecticides
Capacity 1Ltr
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