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CONCENTRATED PROPOLIS by FLORTIS is a natural propolis extract, without preservatives or artificial colors. It has a corroborating action against plants of an antiseptic and protective type against fungal, aphid and bacterial attacks. Promotes the healing of wounds due to trauma and / or pruning, while protecting the plant from the penetration of pathogens. It also stimulates rooting, flowering, promotes fruit set, improves production during growth and gives color, flavor and shelf life to the fruits. Flortis propolis is applicable in fruit growing, horticulture and gardening and can be used at any time of the production cycle, including flowering. DOES NOT LEAVE RESIDUES.
How to use 
Shake well before use. Application rate: 10ml/L
Spray the plant from a distance of 40-50 cm, wetting the entire surface evenly, including the underside of the leaves.
Preventive action: treat every 10-15 days, from the beginning of flowering until before the fruit is harvested.
Curative and protective action: treat when infestations occur and, if necessary, repeat the operation 5-15 days after the first treatment.
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Brand Flortis
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Category Insecticides
Capacity 150ml
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