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Item No: 0242199
Systemic, non-selective herbicide for the control of annual and perennial (grassy, broad-leaved weeds) and water-loving weeds, woody plants, as well as for the control of tobacco powdery mildew. It is absorbed by the leaves and tender shoots of weeds and inhibits the enzyme EPSPS by inhibiting the biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids.
Technical Data:
Glyphosate: 36%
Method of Application
Evenly spray the foliage of the weeds with 20-40 liters of water per acre and without the droplets of the spray solution coming into contact with the foliage, tender shoots or fruits of the crops to avoid phytotoxicity or accumulation of residual fruit
For serovangi in tobacco is applied with 30-40 liters of water per acre by spraying to cover the plantation
Use a vacuum cleaner nozzle and spray at a pressure of less than 2 atmospheres (30 PSI)
The formulation remains stable for at least 2 years from the date of manufacture, when stored in its original sealed packaging in a dry, cool and well-ventilated area
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Barcode 5290770006875
SupplierItemNumber PANTOX360SL 500CC
Category Insecticides
Capacity 500ml
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