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CLABER 8052 IDRIS SPIKE W36xH19.5xD36cm

Item No: 0146783

•The patented sprinkler that uses normal plastic bottles to automatically water potted plants: a convenient, smart idea on the balcony or patio, in the house and at the office. 

•No connections with the tap or electricity required: the included drippers allow you to calibrate irrigation, depending on the type of pot and plant, guaranteeing the right amount of water for days on end.
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•Automatic dripper for pot plants. 
•New conical connector suitable for standard plastic bottles up to 2 litres. 
•Supplied complete with 2 nozzles, rated 10 and 15 cl. 
•The spike is anchored into the soil, near the plant roots. 
•Inspectable and washable 
Brand Claber
Barcode 8000625080526
SupplierItemNumber 8052
Category Irrigation Accessories
Width Ø36 mm
Height 195 mm
Depth Ø36 mm
Discount Percentage -29%
On Offer Yes