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Item No: 0043905
•It brings water from the main hose to the drippers or micro-sprinklers. 
•Made with resistant, durable materials, you can cut it to size with a normal pair of scissors to create any type of drip irrigation or micro-irrigation circuit for potted plants, flower beds and vegetable gardens.
• Its black colour camouflages it on the ground and among the pots.
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•1/4” (4 - 6 mm) tube for branching off the main tube. Supplies the in-line and end-of-line drippers. 
•Flexible and resistant to algae formation, low temperatures and solar radiation.
Brand Claber
Barcode 8000625903719
SupplierItemNumber 90371
Category Irrigation Piping
Hose Length 5m 
Pipe Diameter 1/4 inch
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