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A smart soil moisture sensor for fully automatic garden watering with the GARDENA smart App
The smart Sensor is part of the GARDENA smart system and provides you directly via the GARDENA smart App with the most important information from your garden for optimum and economical watering. It measures soil moisture quickly, reliably and particularly accurately. Together with the smart Gateway and a smart Irrigation Control System from GARDENA your lawn and plants are only watered when it is really needed. This avoids unnecessary watering, ensures optimum plant growth and saves precious water. The elegant and compact design allows the use not only on a lawn or in a flower bed, but also in planters on a balcony or terrace. The particularly large measuring field turns the smart Sensor into a digital root, which carries out its precise measurements directly in the root area of the plants. Whether a little deeper in the soil of your lawn or less deep in flower pots - the sensor works quickly and accurately in diverse soil conditions. Thanks to the flat top section, the smart Sensor from GARDENA can be used in the middle of a lawn area mowed with a classic lawnmower or mowing robot. Two AA batteries, which allow safe operation over an entire garden season, ensure the completely wireless and therefore very flexible operation of the sensor via radio. The measurement data for the current soil moisture and ground temperature are sent via the GARDENA smart Gateway, which is required for operation and is included in all GARDENA smart system Start Sets, to the GARDENA smart App on your smartphone or tablet (iOS / Android). Never leave your garden behind. With an intelligent irrigation system and robotic lawnmower, your garden is taken care of, from anywhere.

In order to use the GARDENA smart system app and the functionalities of your GARDENA smart gardening tool, an online registration and set up of a user account with GARDENA or our group of companies, the Husqvarna Group, is required. Username and email address are required to set up a GARDENA user account. You just need to follow the instructions displayed in the app when setting up. By the way: When setting up your GARDENA user account, you can use a user name of your choice. No need to use your first and last name if you don't want to. The provided email account serves as verification that you are the authorised person to access the email account. Here you can also use an email address that does not include your first and / or last name. You can find more information about this in our privacy policy for smart devices ( If you have any questions about online registration, you can also contact a distributor in your country or contact [email protected] Our colleagues in customer service are happy to help you with your enquiry.

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Measures soil moisture precisely and saves water

The smart Sensor measures soil moisture particularly quickly and reliably, allowing economical watering of your garden. Your garden is only watered when necessary.

Modern and compact design

The smart Sensor can be used anywhere in the garden or in planters on the terrace or balcony.

Digital root with extra large sensor zone

The soil moisture is measured precisely where it matters - directly at the roots of the plant, whether deeper in the lawn or in a flower pot. The smart Sensor functions reliably in different types of potting soil.

Extra flat head

The smart Sensor can be used in the middle of the lawn, thanks to the particularly flat head section, it does not disturb any mowing robot or lawnmower.

Reliable operation and a wireless, secure connection

The compact sensor can be positioned flexibly, supplies precise measurement data wirelessly via radio to the GARDENA smart Gateway and, by using 2 AA batteries (not included), allows operation over a complete garden season.

GARDENA smart App: Garden Care at the touch of a finger

Take care of your garden, wherever you are. The GARDENA smart App allows you to control it from anywhere and at any time. Thanks to perfect planning everything is under control. Setting up your own smart system is very easy and helpful assistance in the app will guide you step by step.

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