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Item No: 0253744
"Spark": 13 benefits of the innovative micro-sprinkler system, designed for cleaning solar panels.
When it comes to harnessing the sun’s energy, you want a solution that’s as low maintenance as possible. The problem with solar panels is that they tend to rapidly accumulate dirt and dust due to their location which is often in an agricultural or industrial setting. Regardless of the setting, your solar panels will need to be cleaned regularly if they are to remain efficient. When a layer of dust, dirt or soot settles on your panels, your electricity production rates begin to fall. The dirtier the panels, the less productive they are, and the lower your energy yield. So, whether you have a few panels to power your home or business, or a huge solar energy farm, you’ll need to keep your panels clean. You could set to and wash them all yourself, but that’s incredibly time-consuming and if your panels are at height, also potentially dangerous. Why clean your panels manually, when you can clean them with Spark? An innovative self-cleaning system specifically created to transform solar panel maintenance.
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