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Item No: 0214014

Technical Data: 

Size: Small 
Weight: 1.4 kg 
Volume: 23.6L 
Pot Size: 28.5x28.5x43.5cm
Colour: Anthracite Grey 
Material: Textured Plastic Imitating Rattan Includes inner support for pots Double Walled
Limited stock

Made with precision and care for every detail, the small, rectangular SMALL RATTAN PLANTER has an enchanting design. Its texture resembles a rattan weave pattern, which is why it ideally fits into the natural environment. Its sturdy and stable construction guarantees many years of durability, while the high quality, UV resistant plastic material prevents the product’s classic colors from fading. The planter will work excellently as a terrace or arbor decoration.

Brand Keter
Barcode 7290112630025
SupplierItemNumber 612051
Weight 1.4 kg
Category Pots
Capacity 23.6L
Type Plastic
Material Plastic
Color Anthracite
Dimensions 28.5x28.5x43.5CM
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