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Item No: 0197573
Mixture of boron (B) 0.2% and copper (Cu) 14% micronutrients with magnesium (Mg) 2%
it is a fertilizer based on copper oxychloride in the form of wettable powder, which can be used to prevent
and control copper deficiencies. Copper is an essential element for the life of all plants: it is a constituent
of important enzymes, is necessary to the photosynthesis and helps to stimulate the natural defences of the
plants from pests. The copper deficiencies appear as yellowings, formation of spots on the leaves and
atrophization of the young sprouts. The symptoms of copper deficiencies arise more often in those soils
which are rich in organic substance and with alkaline reaction. The copper oxychloride carries out also an
important action to prevent and treat cryptogamic diseases.
wettable powder.
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Brand Flortis
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Category Water Soluble Fertilizers
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