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Item No: 0240877
Granular Fertilizer Nitro Pro 40 Novatec 40-0-0 + SO3
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Water soluble nitrogen fertilizer suitable for all crops.
Suitable to meet the nitrogen needs of your grass, trees and plants
Long nitrogen duration action without losses
Rapid growth of vegetation and rejuvenation of plants giving them a bright green color
Safe and effective application by hand
Acidizes the rhizosphere and improves the absorption of other elements
Application frequency: 1-3 per year
Application Rate: Fruit trees / Citrus, Olives: 1-1,5kg / tree, Grass: 50g / m2, Vine / Arbor: 150-200g / plant, Roses / Shrubs: 100-120g / m2, Vegetables: 400-500g / 10m2
Brand Garden Pro
Barcode 5292132039095
SupplierItemNumber FERT-40-0-0 5KG
Weight 5kg
Category Granular Fertilizers
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