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Item No: 0024239
• Composition: 12-11-18 + TE
• YaraMila® COMPLEX® is a dense prilled compound fertilizer, which is delivered accurately up to 24 meters through a fertilizer spreader or by hand.
• It is a free-flowing fertilizer, with 88% of its grains being 2-4mm.
• Its hygroscopic nature means that it dissolves immediately upon contact with wet soil, especially after the morning dew, making it ideal for surface lubrication.
• YaraMila® COMPLEX®, which contains both readily available nitric nitrogen and slow-release ammonia nitrogen, provides nutrients to plants throughout the early stages of their development.
• It also provides a readily available form of phosphorus, which promotes root growth and provides young plants with the conditions for a good start.
Nitrogen and phosphorus, when applied close to growing plants in the spring, are known to have a beneficial effect on their growth (starter effect).
• The use of potassium sulfates reduces the stress from salinity in young plants that are in the early growth phase and in crops that are sensitive to chlorine.
• When applied to the soil, YaraMila® COMPLEX® helps provide a steady supply of magnesium to meet the needs of the plant.
• Sulfur is also an important element, which helps to ensure the optimal chlorophyll content in the leaves, and its deficiency can lead to reduced nitrogen utilization.
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