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Item No: 0229731
• QUICK A 3 is an innovative formulation that performs three important functions during the application of foliar fertilizers. QUICK 3 thanks to its triple action due to its special composition allows solving three problems that arise in the practice of foliar applications
• Favors the best adhesion of the fertilizer to the leaves
• Prevents the creation of problems from highly foamy fertilizers when mixing them
• Adjusts the pH of the solution to be applied to the leaves and promotes the uptake of fertilizers by the mouths of the leaves.
• The advantages of this product are simplicity and ease of use.
** DOSAGE: 80ml / 100L
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Barcode 8033324361597
SupplierItemNumber SCWXL001A3
Category Liquid Fertilizers
Capacity 1L
Height 24cm
Depth 8cm
Maximum Jet Width (diameter) 8cm
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