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Item No: 0204499
RADICIFO P is a preparation with a specific action which favors the development process of the root system and supports the first stages of the growing cycle of plants. The organic composition of this preparation works synergistically and favors the growth of the roots as well as better absorption by the capillaries of the roots. In this way, it enhances the development of the root system in young plants as well as the better absorption of water and nutrients from the first stages of transplanting. Therefore, RADICIFO P is suitable for all kinds of herbaceous, woody and shrub cuttings.
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Rooting hormone for all cuttings (hard-soft-semi-hard)
Barcode 3870547045102
SupplierItemNumber RADICIFOP 100GR
Weight 100gr
Category Granular Fertilizers
Capacity 100gr
Suitable for General Purpose
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