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Item No: 0235533
•Step up a notch in your workouts with the robust and comfortable Hydro-Pro Swimulator resistance trainer! 
•This product enables you to do calorie-burning swim training for the whole body. 
•The swimulator is specially designed for low-stress resistance and strength training. 
•The resistance bands allow you to swim in place, so you can train in any pool. 
•The swimulator is suitable for the frames of all above ground pools. 
•Attach the straps to either side of the frame of your above ground pool, loop the padded strap around your waist, and they're ready to get your pulse racing! 
•The lightweight, compact design makes it easy to use the product in any pool - whether at home or when traveling. 
•Your favorite water sport is now more practical than ever!
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Brand Bestway
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