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Item No: 0254615
•Stone tray for baking pizza.
•The kit contains the pizza stone, a stainless steel tray and a stainless steel roller knife for convenient cutting.
•The tray is suitable for baking pizza on the grill or in the oven.
•The diameter of the stone is 38 cm.
•The product can be purchased for self-collection only, for fear of breakage or damage during delivery.
•Do you have a gas grill at home? It's time to get a lot more out of it!
•Did you know that any household gas grill can turn into a pizza oven with the most impressive results? A pizza stone is a fairly common product and exists in almost every home. ""Shamut"" stone excels in pizza baking for several reasons. The stone stores heat well and the heat distribution is uniform during baking. Another advantage is the ability of the stone to absorb moisture from the pastry and although it seems to us a minor issue it will help us achieve a crispy result.
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Brand Caesar
Barcode 2200002546157
SupplierItemNumber BNH2745
Weight 3kg
Category Accessories
Material Refractory stone
Color Stone finish
Dimensions 42x42x7cm
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