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•The SRG Jumbo Regulator in connection with the SRG cylinder valve reduces the high gas pressure in the cylinder to the low service pressure. •The double stage design ensures an excellent regulator performance and characteristic. •The regulator can be equipped with a pressure relief valve in the low pressure stage, opening at a nominal pressure of 150 mbar. •The regulator can be equipped with a flow limiter which cuts off the gas flow automatically at approx. 1500 l air/hr. (under normal cylinder pressure) in case of a ruptured gas tubing or the gas tubing is pulled off. •After cut-off the gas escape is limited to maximum 35 l air/hr. •The SRG Jumbo Regulator is made of a zinc die casting (body and cover) and other corrosionresistant and LPG-proof materials such as brass, stainless steel and acetal resin. •The rubber materials used are developed and produced according to the requirements of EN 549 as well as in accordance with SRG’s own stringent specifications. •The regulators are manufactured in full compliance with EN 16129 (EN 12864). •SRG’s quality-control system carries an ISO 9001 certificate and is continually assessed by the Notified Body. •Capacity: Rated for inlet pressure of between 0,3 and 16 bar the regulator has a capacity of 2,0 kg gas/hr. •Operation: The regulator is fixed to the cylinder valve by means of stainless steel balls which are held in the ballgroove of the cylinder valve under the pressure of a spring loaded locking ring. •The snap-in action of the coupling ensures a tight connection between the regulator and the cylinder valve. •In its “ON”-Position the switch lever points in the same direction as the hose-nozzle and a flame symbol is visible on the switch lever. •Both pressure control valves of the regulating system are now in their operating positions. •In “OFF”-Position both valves are closed.

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