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Item No: 0199973
CHARACTERISTICS:It can work with domestic power and battery.Rotates very fast to ensure homogeneous and tender grilling of the meat.Variable speed with 6 speeds.USER INSTRUCTIONS:DOMESTIC POWER:Plug the AC/DC adaptor into the mains.Attach the motor Jaw-clips with the respective Jaw-clips of the Adaptor.Place the motor onto the grill mechanism.Adjust the rotational speed.Note: The voltage coming out the adaptor is minimized to 12VDC which is harmless on contact.
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CAR BATTERY:Attach the motor Jaw-clips on the respective poles of the car battery.Place the motor onto the grill mechanism.*The instructions must be kept for future reference.
Brand SuperBBQ
Barcode 2200001999732
SupplierItemNumber 2200001999732
Category BBQ Motors
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