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Item No: 0255551
Estia's cauldron is a cooking vessel with a lid, which has the property of maintaining the temperature inside and heating evenly. It is made of cast iron, a material that makes it ideal for slow cooking at a constant temperature. Cast iron hulls heat up more slowly and keep the temperature constant for longer. It has a non-stick enamel coating, which is more sensitive than ceramic when it comes to washing.
Length: 36cm
Width: 30cm
***ESTIA CAST IRON SERIES manual click here
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Estia Cast Iron Hull
Suitable for all types of stoves & ovens (and wood ovens).
Material : Cast Iron (Cast Iron)
External Dimensions: 36.5cm x 30cm x 15cm
Fast Response to temperature
Maintain temperature outside of fire
Uniform temperature distribution throughout the pan
Cookware Iron Series
Discover the Iron Series cookware! Made of 100% high quality and durable cast iron with natural non-stick properties. They are suitable for cooking on any type of stove, on a fireplace or stove and on a barbecue. Iron Series cast iron cookware heats evenly and maintains the temperature for a long time giving the opportunity to cook at low temperatures preserving the nutrients of the meal and saving energy. Cast iron utensils are also suitable for serving the meal directly without the use of other utensils.

Introducing Iron Series, the collection of cast iron cookware that is built to last a lifetime. Crafted from 100% cast iron, these pans, grill plates and casseroles are made with the highest quality materials to ensure maximum durability and reliability. Cooking has never been more versatile with the Iron Series, as you can use them on a wide range of surfaces, including hotplates, ovens, fireplaces, barbeque grills, and even directly on coals. You'll be able to create a variety of dishes, from juicy steaks to oven-baked pasta, grilled fish, and even sweet treats like tarts and pancakes. Cast iron pans have the unique ability to maintain their temperature, meaning you can cook economically on low temperatures and use the pans as serving plates to keep your food warm. With its versatility, durability, and unique cooking properties, the Iron Series is the perfect addition to any amateur or professional cook.

Brand Estia
Barcode 5207158014599
SupplierItemNumber 01-14599
Weight 5.72Kg
Category Casseroles
Type Cast Iron
Material cast iron
Color Red
Dimensions 30Χ30Χ11.5cm
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