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Item No: 0248942
Pyron Fire Barrel
•Diameter: 36.5 cm outside
•Material: stainless steel
•Weight: 10.5kg
Cooking Plate
•The grill plate for the Feuerhand Pyron
•Diameter: 57cm
•6mm thick
In stock
Campfire made easy
Your Pyron fire barrel is ideal for cozy evenings in the garden or on the terrace. Whether it's a garden party, a romantic campfire or family stick bread fun, with the stainless steel barrel in rustic industrial chic, you can set up any fire easily, cleanly and quickly.
Functional and robust
The special construction with the sophisticated air supply system of the Pyron fire barrel enables extremely effective and almost smoke-free combustion thanks to the chimney effect and wood gasification principle. You can feel this advantage particularly when enjoying stick bread, marshmallows or sausages over an open fire. You can simply place the firewood on the charcoal grate and you can refill it at any time. The easy-to-empty ash pan reliably catches the combustion residues.
Stable on three legs
The three high legs give your fire barrel stability on almost any surface. In addition, your substrate will not be damaged by the fire. Using your Pyron fire barrel will give it an individual color and a nice patina over time. This is quite normal and varies depending on the heat level, filling and type of fuel. The coloring gives your bin an original used look and makes it a rustic eye-catcher for every barbecue.
Technical specifications:
Diameter at the top edge (inside): approx. 29.5 cm
Diameter at the top edge (outside): approx. 36.5 cm
Required floor space: 44.5 cm
Material: stainless steel
Volume for fuel: 25 liters
W x H x D (in cm): 44.5 x 74 x 44.5
W x H x D with packaging (in cm): 38.5 x 56.5 x 38.5
Weight (in grams): 10550
Weight with packaging (in g): 12050
1 x cylindrical fire barrel (inner and outer shell riveted)
1 x Charcoal Grate
1 x ash pan with handles
1 x floor
3 x Ashtray Holder
3 x supporting leg
6 x Allen Screw
1 * Allen Key
1 x user manual (German/English/French)

Aromatic barbecue pleasure? the solid steel plate turns your Feuerhand Pyron into a cooking station. You can fry plancha style on the 6 mm thick Pyron Plate; the curvature of the plate ensures that your grilled food rests securely without it falling off to the outside. The cooking attachment prevents the food from slipping into the fire and also gives you the option of using the heat to cook with pots, kettles or jugs. The three-armed carrier frame allows you to rest stably on the Pyron.

The grill ring for your whole family.

Technical specifications:
Diameter: 57cm
Diameter opening for fuel: 13.2 cm
Outer diameter cooking attachment: 14 cm
Pyron Plate thickness: 0.6 cm
Total height assembled: 13 cm
W x H x D (in cm): 59.5 x 13.1 x 59.5
Weight (in grams): 13500

1x Pyron Plate
1 * Cooking Attachment
1 x carrier frame

Brand Feuerhand
Barcode 4250435703212
SupplierItemNumber PYRON
Weight 10.5kg
Category Charcoal BBQ
Assembly Required Yes
Diameter 36.5 cm
Dimensions W x H x D (in cm): 44.5 x 74 x 44.5
On Offer No

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