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Item No: 0071720

The Neve T30 Cool Box has been designed with the family in mind. More room inside means that it is easier to transport larger quantities of food and drinks to cater for a small group. The space inside has been achieved by paying careful attention to the proportion of its dimensions, to optimise the load but also to limit the amount of space it takes up inside the car. There’s never enough room when you’re about to go on a fishing trip or holiday. The insulation, functionality and overall quality of this product are the best that CN Continental has to offer and probably the best quality available on the market. An electrical version of the T30 is also available (12 and 220 Volts).

In stock
Brand CN Continental
Barcode 8003059030679
SupplierItemNumber 3062.TBFAB
Weight 2.4Kg
Category Coolers & Cool Bags
Capacity 30Ltr
Dimensions L 38 x W 26 x H 46.5 cm
Original Price 0
On Offer No

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