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Item No: 0217818
Technical Characteristics Bestway 58482 Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

•Perfect for pools up to 45 m2
•Battery life: 90 minutes
•Weight: 6.5 kg
•Recharge time: 5/6 hours

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The Bestway 58482 automatic robot vacuum cleaner is the exclusive summer product. It guarantees a 90 minutes autonomy and it will be able to pick up any kind of debris like pebbles, leaves and insects, by ensuring a complete and independent cleaning. Wireless!

Pool means relax, not work. Aquatronix is the Bestway 58482 robot for pool cleaning, which will do your dirty work by itself with the aim of keeping the pool clean and intact. The Bestway 58482 robot vacuum cleaner is wireless and has been set up with a large range of movements and it is compatible with any flat-bottomed pool.

The procedure couldn’t be simpler: the device is controlled by a single power switch. The integrated sensors enable the Bestway 58482 Aquatronix to start cleaning up as soon as it is placed in water and to shut down when it is out of the water, so that its engine can last longer and be more protected. The locking clips make maintenance and cleaning easier, you just have to open the compartment and remove any kind of debris from the stainless steel filter.

The compartment of the Bestway 58482 automatic robot vacuum cleaner may contain up to 4,5 litres of debris before being emptied.

Thanks to the directional jet, you will be able to remove debris and particles up to 2,687 L/h (710 gallons). The adjustable wheel axis and the removable bumpers allow you to customize your robot to make it suitable for any kind and size of pool.
Moreover, Aquatronix includes a practical handle, a LED light for night use and a kit to remove the robot from the water without getting into it.
Brand Bestway
Barcode 6942138952711
SupplierItemNumber 58482
Weight 6.5kg
Category Pool Robot
Charge Duration 5/6hrs
Run Time 90min
Original Price 0
On Offer No

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