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Item No: 0226400
The Bestway Flowclear sand filter pump is a great choice to keep your above ground pools clean without additives or chemicals.

The filter pump is based on a natural filtration system: the water is pumped into a tank containing silica sand or Polysphere balls, which soaks up impurities and particles to produce clean water. The ChemConnect dispenser maintains and provides clean, healthy pool water, as the dispenser release provides a stable level of chlorine needed for proper chemical balance. The pre-filter strainer basket is an added mechanism that filters to catch larger particles such as leaves, hairs and dirt. It also protects your pump impeller and helps your pump to continuously run smoother.

This filter pump features a 6-position valve, which can be adjusted in different settings for filtering pool water, closing (stopping water flow), backwash (to clean the sand bed), rinse (for initial startup, cleaning and sand bed leveling), draining water from the pool, and circulating pool water.The top flange clamp design allows 360° rotation for quick and smooth installation. Note: Sand/polysphere balls not included, must be purchased separately.

Pump’s water flow rate (pump capacity): 3,028 L/h (800gal./h)
Integrated pool system water flow rate (system flow rate): 2,271 L/h (600gal./h)
For use with 1,100-18,100 L (300-4,800 gal.) pools
Durable, corrosion-resistant filter tank
Top flange clamp allows 360° rotation for quick and smooth installation
Easy-to-read pressure gauge
Included ChemConnect™ Dispenser maintains and provides clean, healthy pool water. Dispenser release provides a stable level of chlorine needed for proper chemical balance.
Includes a strainer for separating leaves and other rough debris.
Pre-assemble for added convenience
This product works with normal sand convention or with Bestway’s highly efficient Polysphere product (not included)
Required sand size: #20 silica sand, 0.45-0.85 mm, approximately 8.5 kg (sand/polysphere balls not included)
6-Position valve for filtering, closing, backwash, rinse, drain and circulating for easy filter control
Recommended hose size for this product is a diameter 3.2 cm /1.25'' with proper thread size.
Contents:Sand Filter(220-240V~, 85W), Pumps water flow rate 3028L/h(800gal/h), Required sand size: #20 silica sand, 0.45-0.85mm, approximately 8.5kg, Diameter 3.2 cm /1.25 '''''''' hose can be used with sand filter, needs to include thread
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The Bestway 58515 sand filter pump is easy and practical to use as, unlike traditional pumps, it does not use replaceable cartridges but only sand, which means great savings and lower maintenance time.
The operation of the sand filter pump Bestway 58515 is very simple and simulates natural filtration: the water is pumped into a container which contains silica sand and, just like in nature, filters impurities and particles to restore clean and clear water inside your pool. If a cartridge filter has to be replaced every 2 weeks, the silica sand has to be replaced only once every 3 years. 
The structure of the Bestway 58515 sand filter pump is made entirely of high quality materials, to ensure strength and reliability; the container is made entirely of rustproof material and is able to contain swimming pool silica san dand mounts with a 32 mm diameter connectors to make it compatible with all Bestway pools.
Brand Bestway
Barcode 6942138968484
SupplierItemNumber 58515
Weight 6.051kg
Category Pool Pumps/Filters
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