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Item No: 0214557
The WallDriller® is designed to offer the maximum holding power in drywall material. Its fine centered point helps guide the anchor into the wall with flawless precision. A sharp profile thread cuts deeply into the hole without damaging the drywall, ensuring maximum holding power and stability. The sharp cutting edge reduces the force required to cut the material, making it a self-drilling anchor without pre-drilling. Available in #6 and #8L, in both nylon and zinc.
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•Quick and easy to install
•Self-drilling anchors, no pre-drilling required
•All you need is a screwdriver
•Easy to remove and reinstall
•Available in nylon or zinc
•Two sizes available
Brand Cobra
Barcode 058060878879
SupplierItemNumber 041KE
Category Plasting Board Fasting Systems
Package Quantity 50Pcs
Max Weight Loaded 28Kg
Material Nylon
Dimensions 4mm
Screw Diameter 4mm
Dowels for Drywall Light weight
On Offer No