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Item No: 0125104
The Fishing REPAIR FLEECE is a special mortar covered repair fleece. This is dampened before processing to the dowel wound and in the torn or too large drill hole plugged. For larger tolerances can also be used in multi-layer non-wovens.First aid for too large bore holes.Simple to use
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•For broken boreholes in porous brickwork and hollow walls · Wrap soaked pad around the plastic dowel in water, and plug into the borehole, processeable after 3 minutes · Suitable for easy fixings on walls and ceiling. •Universal use on drilled holes which have broken out, are too big or dirty. Attached part can remain in place because a new hole is not needed. Also suitable for sealing drilled holes before painting over.
Brand Fischer
Barcode 4006209925072
SupplierItemNumber 92507
Category Wall Plugs
Package Quantity 10pcs
Material Plaster fleece
Dowels for Concrete , Cored bricks , Flintlime bricks , Natural stone , Solid stone , Solid brick
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