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Item No: 0125150
The fischer gypsum plasterboard fixing GKM S K is made of metal. When in pre-positioned installation, the plug is screwed in either manually or with a cordless screwdriver so that it is flush to the surface in gypsum plasterboard. No pre-drilling is required with single planked gypsum plasterboard panels. With gypsum fibreboard and double-planked gypsum plasterboard panels pre-drilling should take place with a Ø 8 mm drill. The fischer GKM S K is fully delivered with a chipboard screw with a countersunk head. It is therefore universally suitable for quickly and safely mounting lights, electrical installations, and interior accessories.
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•Less space required behind the board due to a short fixing length. •Suitable for pre-positioned installation. •Suitable for lightweight objects. •No drilling needed in simple planked gypsum plasterboard. This saves time. •Complete with suitable screw.
Brand Fischer
Barcode 4006209909171
SupplierItemNumber 90917
Category Plasterboard Plugs
Package Quantity 6pcs
Screw Diameter 4.5x35mm
Dowels for Plasterboard
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