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Item No: 0125130
The fischer expansion plug S is the original and the proven classic millions of times for decades. The plastic fixing is made entirely from high-quality nylon. As a result, the plug is particularly robust during installation and guarantees permanent security. As the plug only expands in two directions, it is possible to direct the expansion forces so that they run parallel to the edge of the building material by turning the plug. This prevents the building material from spalling due to fixings close to the edge. Wood or chipboard screws can be used to fix the object. The fischer expansion plug S is ideal for fixing in concrete and solid masonry.
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•The rimless plug is suitable for pre-positioned and push-through installation. •Simple insertion due to the ease of pushing in the plug. •The anti-rotation lock prevents rotation in the drill hole. This guarantees a high degree of safety during installation.
Brand Fischer
Barcode 4048962217919
SupplierItemNumber 532668
Category Wall Plugs
Package Quantity 50pcs
Drill Hole Diameter 5mm
Dowels for Universal dowel
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