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Item No: 0125083
The fischer universal fixing UX is an all-rounder made of high-quality nylon. The fixing holds in concrete as well as aerated concrete, masonry, and in gypsum plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard. The fixing knots in these building materials. The integrated edge serves a practical purpose. It means that the plug does not slip into the drill hole during insertion. Screws in the correct diameter and length are enclosed in the packaging. This saves time searching for them, and guarantees that the screw fits the plug perfectly. The fischer universal fixing UX can be used to fix, for example, lights, curtain rails, lightweight cupboards, and cornicing.
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•Plug holds in all building materials. •Plug expands in solid building materials. •Knots in perforated brick and behind gypsum plasterboard. •With edge: Anchor does not slip into the drill hole. •The screw fits the anchor perfectly.
Brand Fischer
Barcode 4006209908778
SupplierItemNumber 90877
Category Wall Plugs
Package Quantity 20pcs
Drill Hole Diameter 6mm
Screw Diameter 4.5x60mm
Dowels for Universal dowel
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