Item No: 0188831
•During summer BBQ time or freezing winters, the Powerplus Ash Cleaner POWX300 comes in handy anytime. 
•It’s the ideal solution for cleaning sawdust, BBQ coals or fireplace ashes up to 60°C without damaging your cleaner. 
•Dirt is drawn into the strong and durable 20-litre tank through the 1m suction hose (with aluminium nozzle).
•It is safe, quick and easy to use. 
•Once the debris is cleared and ashes have cooled, simply unclip the lid and empty into your rubbish bin.
•The Powerplus POWX300 ash cleaner has a 310mm high, and 285mm diameter tank with included high efficiency filter system. 
•Warranted for 3 years.
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• Powerful 1200W motor.
• Ideal for cleaning fireplaces.
• Tube diameter 38mm.
• With double layer filter.
• Safe and easy to use.
• Aluminum nozzle.
• Container capacity 20Lt.
• Maximum ash temperature 60 ° C.
• Pipe diameter 3.85cm.
• Reverse blowing function.
• With wheels for easy movement.
• Includes floor brush and brush.