Item No: 0228586
•Type: Panel oven
•Dimension: (W x H x D): 117.5 x 40 x 8.3 cm
•Glassfront: No.
•Power: 1500 W
•Thermostat type: Electronic
•Wall mount: Yes
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• Beha SmartHeaters feature built-in Wi-Fi and advanced technology that can be controlled via an application from your mobile or tablet • With the Beha Smartheater application you can control the electrical bodies away from your home. • Through the Internet you can program the temperature in each room for all days of the week. • You can also turn them off and on, turn off child safety, or turn on the frost setting if you are away for longer periods of time. • Select whether you want to use the electric body as a SmartHeater through the application or control it manually with the physical buttons. * Low surface temperatures: • Beha electric heaters have low surface temperatures, which prevent them from burning dust. • Something that is especially good for people suffering from asthma and allergies. Burning dust and soot is a problem with many electrical bodies. • Beha electric bodies reduce this problem by using extruded aluminum elements with perforations ** Saves energy: Because electric heaters are programmable, they will help regulate a more uniform temperature in your home and therefore use less energy to keep your home warm. • All BEHA electrics are equipped with on / off switches, built-in Wi-Fi and digital electronic thermostat with integrated floor projection. • Also suitable for installation in bathrooms.
Brand Beha
Barcode 7026578104240
SupplierItemNumber 1675
Power 1500W
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