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Item No: 0204436

• 1100 Watt power for a rich aroma.

Drip stop: prevents stains while removing the jug or after serving coffee

Removable filter base: rotating base for convenient placement and easy removal of the paper filter.

• Automatic shutdown of the device in 40 minutes

SafeStorage: Safe storage of the glass jug

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Clean to the last drop.
For those of you who want your coffee right now but the extraction process is not complete. Thanks to DripStop you can remove the jug without the machine dripping and without stains. This way you save time from the cleaning process.

The filter base that helps you.
You look forward to your first coffee in the morning - but do you also look forward to making it? Thanks to the rotating filter base, you can prepare your coffee in a short time right after waking up: just turn the base out, remove the used paper filter, insert the new one, turn it back in and you're ready

Safe storage - everything has its place
It's great to have a place for everything, and everything to be in its place. With the Safe Storage system, you can easily store your accessories in an orderly manner, as the appliance has storage spaces where you can keep the power cord, plug and utensil handle separately, safely and out of sight.

Brand Bosch
Barcode 4242002717166
SupplierItemNumber TKA3A031
Weight 1.612Kg
Category Small Appliances
Capacity 1250ml
Power 1100W
Dimensions 335 x 170 x 245mm
On Offer No
Home App Type Filter Coffee Makers