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Item No: 0246542
•The next generation Ninja multi-cooker - with even more ways to prepare your favorite dishes.
•Save up to 60% on energy costs with the Ninja multicookers
•Discover 12 cooking functions under a single lid, the SmartLid. Choose between 3 modes - pressure cook, air fry and steam combo, which combines steam with convection for moist, quick and crispy results. Prepare family meals in under 30 minutes.
•The rapid cooking method cooks dishes up to 70% faster than conventional cooking methods.
•Enjoy guilt-free fried dishes with little to no oil.
•The device is perfectly designed for 6-8 people: you can e.g. E.g. cook a whole 3 kg roast chicken and fry until crispy.
•Ninja Foodi MAX 12-in-1 SmartLid Multicooker.
•The next generation Ninja multi-cooker - with even more ways to prepare your favorite dishes - with innovative steam combo mode for succulent, fast, crispy results!
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Generous 7.5L capacity for preparing up to 6-8 servings.
3 modes, 12 functions
Discover 12 cooking functions under a single SmartLid - steaming, air frying, grilling, baking, dehydrating, searing/sautéing, slow cooking, yoghurt, steam meals and steam air frying.
Simply move the SmartLid slider to effortlessly switch between pressure cook, air fry and steam combo modes. The SmartLid automatically recognizes which function is being used.
Steam Combo Mode
Discover a new way of cooking that combines steam with convection for succulent, quick, crispy results! Whether you're using sauces, water, stock, wine or other liquids, steam will add moisture and flavor to your food as it cooks. The result? Perfectly prepared dishes, tender and juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside.
• Prepare family meals in under 30 minutes with the Steam Meals feature. Simultaneous cooking of the main course and side dishes on the two-tier reversible grid for quick preparation in just one pot. Try Moroccan lamb steaks with broccoli and fluffy couscous, or perfectly cooked chicken cordon bleu with smoked ham and cheese, tender green beans and buttery mashed potatoes.
• Cook crispy vegetables and fresh or frozen foods such as salmon fillets with steam air frying with enriched steam without drying out. Enjoy carefree fried food that's tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Conjure up a tasty, gratinated lasagne quickly and easily in just one pot.
• Use Steam Baking to quickly prepare fluffy, delicious cakes, brioches, desserts and more.
Quick cook mode
Pressure cooking is up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods.
• Pressure cook uses ultra-hot steam to cook tender food quickly – perfect for large batches of meat. Enjoy succulent brisket or pulled pork in no time.
Convection Frying Mode
Air fry with little to no added oil - up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods. Create fried potato wedges, sweet potato fries and vegetable creations, fish fingers, chicken wings or salmon fillets.
There are numerous cooking functions to choose from in the convection frying mode. The possibilities are limitless!
• Grill delicious burgers, halloumi skewers and marinated chicken breasts.
• Bake fluffy cakes, biscuits, pies and pastries and impress with superbly baked pasta. Let dough rise to enjoy expertly made breads and pastries at home.
• Sear steaks to perfection before cooking. Sauté ingredients to create delicious sauces and caramelize onions for maximum flavor.
• Steam healthy vegetables and perfectly cooked rice.
• Slow cook for up to 12 hours so your favorite risotto, casserole or tender pulled pork is ready when you get home.
• Dehydrate fresh ingredients to create dried fruit snacks, vegetable chips and homemade dried herbs.
• Create your own yoghurt, just how you like it.
Easy to use and clean
The multi-cooker comes with a 7.5L non-stick ceramic cooking pot for up to 3kg of roast and a 4.7L non-stick ceramic Cook & Crisp basket for up to 1.8kg of fries , a multi-purpose pan and a reversible double-tier rack - perfect for layering ingredients to prepare complete 3-tier meals, or for steaming, baking and grilling food.
All accessories are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
Brand Ninja
Barcode 0622356249973
SupplierItemNumber OL650EU
Weight 11.3Kg
Category Pressure Cookers
Capacity 7.5Ltr
Material Nano Ceramic
Color Black/Silver
Dimensions H:36 x W:35 x D:36cm
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