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Item No: 0228779

•Keep Warm Function for Keeping Meals Warm at 60 – 80 °C when Cooking is Finished

•Automatic Steam Release Safely releases All the Steam without Human Intervention INCLUDED CONTENTS:

• Pressure cooker with a 5.5-litre pot

• Rice ladle • Rice spoon

• Measuring cup

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I INTRODUCE MYSELF AS THE SENCOR SPR 3900SS ELECTRIC PRESSURE COOKER.Spending hours behind the stove is a thing of the past! I am the Sencor SPR 3900SS electric pressure cooker, which can manage the work of both electric and gas stove tops and plus I am more than 50% faster and more efficient than them. I'll save a lot of time, with minimal energy consumption. I have a volume of 5.5 l and I can prepare tasty dishes for up to seven people. Believe me, you will discover the benefits of pressure cooking that you will swear by!WITH 10 PRESET PROGRAMS, I CAN HANDLE ALMOST ANY HEAT TREATMENT.I cook slowly and in a traditional style, fry, stew, steam, etc. I can handle all types of heat treatment virtually anywhere thanks to the possibility of connection to a socket. I offer 10 smart programs where I have a preset temperature, time and optimal pressure. I cook tasty food which is healthy with minimal water and even without added oil! The dishes are juicy, full of flavors, aromas and all nutrients. I can make countless recipes, just choose one of the programs. 

•Slow cooking 
•Steam cooking 
•Cooking of all kinds of meat, legumes and rice 
•Yoghurt preparation 
•Customized temperature and time setting
Brand Sencor
Barcode 8590669280773
SupplierItemNumber SPR 3900SS
Weight 6Kg
Category Pressure Cookers
Color Silver
Dimensions 351 x 351 x 360 mm
Discount Percentage -20%
On Offer Yes