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Item No: 0249687
The most powerful, intelligent cordless vacuum Automatically deep cleans carpets and hard floors Whole-machine advanced filtration.
Built-in Laser in the Fluffy cleaning head placed at the right angle and at a certain distance from the ground makes invisible dust on hard floors visible, Piezo sensor that detects dust and measures 15,000 times per second its size and number of particles, automatically increasing suction power when needed, LCD screen that shows in real time the size and number of dust particles it absorbs, Anti-tangle technology in the cleaning head High Torque Drive that untangles hairs for more efficient guidance in the bin, DLS™ technology in the cleaning head High Torque Drive that monitors the resistance of the cleaning head and adjusts power accordingly, 14 cyclone technology, Fully sealed HEPA filtration system traps 99,99% of particles.
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Makes invisible dust visible for a unique, wireless cleaning experience

The laser detects particles you normally can't see and makes invisible dust visible on hard floors - so you don't miss a thing. The V12 Slim Absolute takes 4 hours to fully charge and has 3 cleaning options to have the right suction power wherever and whenever you need it, strong absorbency on floors and carpets, advanced Hepa filtration for cleaner outgoing air, hygienic bin emptying, easy replacement accessories and conversion into a hand broom for stairs, cars, upholstery.